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Checklist when reviewing a crawler

Some things that are easy to forget but critical for new crawlers

  • Metadata
    • required fields for crawlers that are often forgotten:
      • coverage
        • frequency (normally daily, but weekly for zyte and gpt crawlers, and monthly for company registers)
        • start (updated to the current day when releasing)
      • load_db_uri: ${OPENSANCTIONS_DATABASE_URI} for everything except company registers
      • assertions - see Data Assertions
    • dataset name is clear and conforms to convention. It's fine if it's just the yaml file name and not included in the file.
    • dataset title is concise and meaningful
    • dataset prefix is short yet meaningful
    • publisher - see if there's another dataset with the same publisher that you can copy from. Description is important.
      • country code is correct
      • description is often skipped, but it's important
    • ci_test - default true should not be overridden to false unless the crawler requires some secret key or runs for more than 2 minutes.
  • Crawler
    • It emits as many entities as are available at the source
    • When first added, it doesn't emit warnings or errors (except transient, e.g. network timeout/server error that can be expected to go away tomorrow)
      • note: code designed to warn when there are issues with the data if something changes later is very welcome!
    • all IDs are created via Context.make_slug or Context.make_id (it enforces validity)
    • QIDs validated by is_qid are an exception
    • all Persons have a name property. Add first and last name via helpers.apply_name.