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Data priorities

With some data sources, extracting some attributes of people or companies sufficiently cleanly/reliably can take more effort than others. Not all attributes are equally valuable to our users.

To avoid going too far down a rabbit hole or wasting effort, we recommend an approach of time-boxing the work on a crawler, and taking a best-effort approach according to the following priorities, categorised roughly by Essential, Should, Could and Won't.

Aim for complete coverage - make sure all targets are included. But also ensure accuracy, e.g. make sure not to mark someone as a PEP when they are not.


Essential (bare minimum)

  • Name(s)

Essential (when available)

  • People: Date of birth, nationality
  • Companies/Organizations: Date of registration/creation
  • Official ID numbers (National ID for people, Registration number for companies, etc)
  • Other identifiers (See specifics in schemata, e.g. innCode, wikidataId)
  • Country of birth, registration country (Company:jurisdiction)


  • start/end dates - useful for determining PEP status duration
  • listing dates (sanctions)
  • company relationships
  • person relationships
  • addresses (Except PEPs - see below)


  • sourceUrl
  • notes

Politically-exposed persons


  • country (occasionally multiple apply to one position, e.g. Ambassador of Palestine to Germany)
  • position (of a person)
  • occupancy (relating a person to the position(s) they hold/held) - focus on current positions before worrying about historical.


Won't - don't extract

  • Addresses (not needed, and privacy concern)