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Using the command-line tool

Once you've successfully installed zavod, you can use the built-in command-line tool to run parts of the system:

# Before everything else, flush away cached source data. If you don't 
# do this, you'll essentially work in developer mode where a local
# cached copy of the source data is used instead of fetching fresh
# files.
$ zavod clear datasets/_global/icij_offshoreleaks/icij_offshoreleaks.yml

# Crawl the ICIJ OffshoreLeaks database:
$ zavod crawl datasets/_global/icij_offshoreleaks/icij_offshoreleaks.yml

# You can also export a dataset without re-crawling the sources:
$ zavod export datasets/_global/icij_offshoreleaks/icij_offshoreleaks.yml

# You can publish a dataset to the archive:
$ zavod publish  --latest datasets/_global/icij_offshoreleaks/icij_offshoreleaks.yml

# Combine crawl, export and publish in one command:
$ zavod run --latest datasets/_global/icij_offshoreleaks/icij_offshoreleaks.yml

When you are developing a crawler, it can be handy to rerun the crawler a number of times using the data source cache, then export the data rebuilding the intermediate storage.

First run the crawler without --clear until you are ready to export:

$ zavod crawl ...

Then run the exporter with --clear to ensure the latest statements are included in the output:

bash $ zavod export --clear ...